We are restoring the Czech tradition of high-quality personal care and laundry products



Jelen, our grain soap with a stag, is gentle to the environment, fabric and skin. It solely contains natural substances which degrade in water quickly, completely and in a naturally environmentally-friendly way.

Thanks to its convenient composition, the soap is suitable for allergic people and babies. It is free of synthetic compounds, allergenic fragrances, artificial colourants, bleaches or phosphates, but it has a high content of genuine soap made from fats.

Years of experience have confirmed that Jelen is a reliable partner for removing the most resilient dirt and stains, such as those of cherries or chocolate when eaten by children hidden in the bed. Jelen will perfectly wash both coloured and white laundry.

Our Jelen range includes grain soap, laundry powder 3 kg, laundry powder 350 g and laundry gel for handwashing. Other products will follow soon.



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