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AJelen soap is environmentally friendly and gentle on your fabrics and your skin. It contains natural substances that are quickly biodegradable in water. Thanks to its gentle ingredients, this soap is suitable for allergy sufferers and babies.

Jelen soap has also become a cornerstone of our range of laundry detergents. Jelen washing gel and washing powder combine the most modern formulas based on traditional and time-tested soap. While it is gentle on the skin and fabrics, it also has effective stain-fighting properties that can handle even the most resistant dirt and stains. Jelen fabric softener, the formula of which is based on vegetable surfactants, can be used during washing to soften and add a pleasant fragrance to your laundry loads.

In addition to traditional laundry products, Jelen now also offers a wide range of household cleaning products. From a vinegar cleaner for cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, to powders and gels for the dishwasher, and a liquid floor cleaner containing potassium soap, which will polish and remove dirt from all the floors throughout your house.

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